Remove Carpet Stains

Cleaning carpets with carpet stain removal products is a matter of practicality and common sense. While there are many cleaners on the market that will do the trick, you need to understand which ones to use. The best way to get stains out of carpets is to use an enzyme formula. These are specially formulated to break down stains and odors quickly. They work like bleach, but without the risk of damage to the carpet fibers.

Step 2: Clean the Stain in One Step If you have a mild spill, such as spilled ink or paint, simply remove it immediately by blotting up the mess. You should not try to clean the stained area yourself as this could damage the carpet fibers. Instead, grab a clean white cloth and blot the stain with the affected area. Do not rub the spot as this could cause the carpet fibers to become stained and damaged. Repeat this process several times until the stain has been completely removed. A professional steam cleaning service can be very helpful when cleaning up an area like this because the steam can work very quickly and thoroughly to remove the stain.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Carpet After the spill is removed, rinse and dry your carpet. Be sure not to let it get wet or damp. Apply an enzyme-based cleaner directly to the affected area of the carpet in order to start breaking down the stain. Using a sponge or soft cloth, blot the affected area with an absorbent white cloth. It may be necessary to blot several times before you see results. Rinse and dry your carpet as quickly as possible to avoid re-soiling the area. A professional steam cleaning service can also help to speed up this process.

When a stain cannot be cleaned up using a carpet stain removal product, the best solution is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Professional companies are able to use high-pressure steam to loosen stubborn stains, including pet stains, oil stains, food stains and carpet spills. Steam is a natural abrasive that breaks down stains and odors quickly. It does not damage the carpet and can work without causing any damage to your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning service is also better equipped to treat any other types of stains or odors.

To remove carpet stains with steam, the cleaning professionals first place a steamer on the affected area, then spread a thick coat of vinegar onto the carpet in order to seal the carpet fibers. This will help seal the carpet from any further damage. After the steam has worked for a few minutes, they turn on a blower and blow the steam on the carpet to break the stain out. When the carpet is properly steamed, it becomes saturated with the cleaning agent. The stain is then quickly extracted from the carpet fibers with vacuum and allowed to dry completely. Once dry, the carpet is left to dry in an area away from sunlight.

Remember that not every special type of carpet stain will work with every type of steam cleaner. For instance, you may not be able to get stain removal from certain types of fabrics like wool or silk.