Make Your Island Butcher Block Top and Wood Flooring Look Great With These Easy Plans

Tips: Kitchen Island Butcher Blocks Top You need more counter space for your kitchen. Of course, you do it can be easily done in a few weekends if you have the right tools and material. This project is very easy and does not require you to use expensive materials or tools.

Materials: One or two butcher blocks of different sizes that are made from a sturdy wood such as oak will do just fine. You can also use other materials such as butcher block tops made of plywood or particle board. The materials are usually pre-cut and ready to install.

To begin, you need to have a plan or blueprint. This will allow you to measure and cut your materials. When you have a plan, cut out your materials. You can start by cutting your butcher blocks first. Then, you can start laying your pieces together. Remember to check the measurements carefully.

Installation Steps: Once you have cut your pieces of wood, install them on the top and side of the island. Then, fasten them using pocket holes, hinges, screws and other fasteners. You can then attach the top to the sides of the island using hinges and/or nails. Then, remove any screws that attach the top to the sides of the island. If you like, you could have the wood glue and nail it down. It is all up to you.

The Final Step: Once all pieces are installed, you are all set! All you have to do now is connect your island to the main cabin. The whole assembly will look very professional and elegant. Your island will even look beautiful with a complete and coordinating set of island butcher blocks and wood flooring. Now you only have to wait for a few days for the finish to set. I can assure you that you will love the way your island looks once the finish dries.

So, if you want to make your kitchen look more appealing and cozy, why not install an island butcher block and wood flooring? for your island kitchen. Just remember to take note that this project requires you to put in some extra effort. If you are really determined, you can accomplish the task in a lot less time.

What a nice touch you can add by installing the island butcher block top and wood flooring along with your island. This will make your kitchen look very elegant and very stylish at the same time. I know it is something you would want to impress your friends with as well as guests on your next family reunion.

I also know you will love how this project looks because when I showed my family how we made our island, I could barely contain my excitement! !