Crankshaft Grinding Services

A crankshaft is a complex part of an engine that has to be in perfect working order. A single issue in any of its components could make it fail. Crankshafts can be very difficult to machine because of their length, thickness and the unique structure of the thrust surface. Because of these characteristics, they require special machining processes to ensure precision and reliability.

One of these unique processes is crankshaft grinding. This process involves cutting the crankshaft’s main and rod journals to a specific size while simultaneously making them smooth for proper insertion into the block. This ensures that the crankshaft is able to handle the cylinder pressure and vibrations that come from running a car.

The process of machining the crankshaft professional engine repair in Calgary is complex and requires high-quality tools. This is because the surface of a crankshaft is extremely delicate, so if the tooling used to grind it is not up to par, the result will be a poor quality finish. Additionally, if the grinding wheel is not dressed properly and redressed often enough, it will begin to wear down rapidly. This can lead to inaccurately positioned journal surfaces and, ultimately, a crankshaft that cannot handle the stresses of the engine.

A reputable company will have the equipment and experience necessary to perform high-quality work on your crankshaft. Their specialized crankshaft grinding machines will be capable of producing a precise and accurate finish on any type of new or remanufactured crankshaft. They will also use the latest technology to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

The newest generation of crankshaft grinding equipment combines polishing and machining in one machine, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the job. The new system eliminates the need for separate setups and drastically reduces the possibility of misalignment. It is possible to grind the CR pin and main journal on the same machine with the help of specially designed tooling.

It is important to select the right kind of abrasive for crankshaft grinding. Vitrified abrasives are the best choice because they offer superior strength and performance. They are also highly durable and resist heat from the grinding wheel. They can be used on hardened steel or cast iron. The abrasive must be lubricated to prevent overheating. Strong cooling should be used, with coolant sprayed into the grinding area at a rate of 4045L/min. The coolant should be pure and filtered to remove abrasive chips, debris and contaminants.

In addition to crankshaft grinding services, they offer a wide range of other metal fabrication and machining capabilities including forming, shearing, turning, milling, drilling, knurling, countersinking, tapping, facing and broaching. The facility is equipped to handle parts with maximum sizes of 16 ft. long x 24 in. wide for surface grinding and up to 12 in. diameter by 105 in. between centers for cylindrical grinding. They can also provide warehousing and logistics services. The company has a staff that includes mechanical engineers and metallurgists to support its clients.